Which attachment should I use?

With 6 interchangeable attachments, it is easy to access parts you want extra pressure on. Below you will find a more detailed description of the attachments.

Soft head - This round attachment is good to use for the slightly larger muscle groups, such as thighs, calves and buttocks and works just as well to use before training to soften the muscles as after training to get proper blood flow.

Flat and thin - This attachment should be used on thinner surfaces, such as wrists or narrow legs, where the pressure should not be too hard.

Flat - This attachment is good for flat areas, such as the chest and front thighs. Because it has a flat head, the pressure is even over the entire area you are massaging.

Silicone - This is for the more sensitive areas and joints. If you have a sensitive or sore spot, such as trigger points in your shoulders, this massage head is preferable.

Fork - This fork-like attachment is good especially for shoulders, arms and forearms. It is comfortable to use around muscles rather than right on and works very well as warming up the muscles.

Pointy cone - This attachment is good if you want to target a trigger point or a specific, smaller area. Because it is pointy, it is easier to get in depth at specific points.

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