What is the difference between the massage guns?

In addition to the price, the clearest difference with each massage gun is in their highest vibration level, where Flowgun PRO 2.0 reaches about 240 wattsFlowgun GO 2.0 about 180 watts and Flowgun Pocket 100 watts. With that said, you get the most powerful massage with Flowgun, but Flowgun Go and Flowgun Pocket are also powerful enough to meet most needs.
With Flowgun PRO 2.0, the possibilities to adapt the treatment are slightly more, as the frequency of the 5 different speed levels ranges between 1400-3200 rpm at 5 different speed levels, while Flowgun GO 2.0 has a range of 2000-3200 rpm, and Flowgun Pocket a range of 2000-3200 rpm.

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