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We recommend that when you fully charge your Flowpillow before using it for the first time.

Only use the included original charger when charging your Flowpillow! There is a green light on the charger, which indicates the status of the battery. It will turn red once you insert the the charger into the Flowpillow, and once the battery is fully charged it it will turn green once again.

*To start the Flowpillow - push down the power-button for 4 seconds and release once they massage nods starts to rotate.

*Flowpillow is programmed with a timer, that runs 15-minute intervals. This is the recommended maximum massage-time for the same area. To continue massaging, just start your pillow once again and change the position of you Flowpillow to another muscle-group/area of your body.

*The battery will last up to 1,5h before requiring a recharge. This is equivalent to 6 massages, of 15 minutes each.

*Flowpillow can be used while charging.

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